The need for biohazard remediation, or crime scene cleaning services are very stressful and emotional times.  The compassionate staff at Crime Scene Cleaners of Fort Worth is trained and certified to handle these situations with Compassion & Respect.  We treat you like one of our family members when you need it most.


Reasons to Hire a Blood Cleanup Service


Dealing with situations that involves a blood spill or cleanup, bio hazardous, or infectious materials is an extremely dangerous and sensitive time.  Cleaning up any sized blood spill by an unprotected person could expose family or friends to blood borne pathogens or other life threating diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA, HIV, or AIDS to name a few.  Many of these blood borne diseases have been known to live in blood, even if it is dry, up to 21 days outside the host.  For these reasons, you need to call AAA Scene Cleaners to perform cleanup of this nature.  


Blood spills becomes a potential hazard when it is wet, rehydrated, or atomized such as when one scrapes or scrubs in cleaning or removing blood.  We are trained and protected to perform this task.  We use hospital grade disinfectant, specialized equipment, and targeted cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and safe to the environment.  AAA Scene Cleaners takes your safety very serious and we decontaminate, then clean and sanitize your home, vehicle, business, or property.  


Many times situations that involve blood cleanups, such as suicides cleanups, homicide cleanups, accidents, falls, or even a simple mishap can bring some emotional stress.  It is this type of mental trauma that doing the blood cleanup will only compound the mental suffering and anguish.  Allow the trained professionals at AAA Scene Cleaners perform these duties and remove yourself from the daunting task and focus on yourself and family.  Many people are not fond of the thoughts of cleaning up blood, so when the need occurs, call 817-223-0016 and Warren and the team will respond quickly and respectfully to meet and exceed your expectations.  In addition to handling the blood cleanup, we will also assist you with filing any insurance claims necessary to handle the cleanup and restore the home or property back to its condition before the incident.  Many times we are able to get the work completed with no out of pocket expenses.




Our professionally trained team is ready and prepared to handle any biohazard or hoarding cleaning need.  We are nationally certified and trained to handle all biohazardous and infectious waste or disease and we are available around the clock to respond to your emergency.  Call us at 817-223-0016 or email

Reasons to Choose Us

Staff at AAA Scene Cleaners is extremely Compassionate, Respectful, Trained & Certifed to resolve any Biohazard Cleaning need.  We pride ourselves in open & honest dialog to meet and exceed your needs and expetations,  Call us anytime at 817-223-0016 or email us for more information

Advise & Information

Anytime you call, we will provide you with honest and accurate information.  We provide you with the advise needed to decide if your situation will require professional cleaning services and how the decison will affect your situation.  We can be reached anytime at 817-223-0016 0r by email

Things to consider before perfroming a Blood Cleanup


Cleaning of an area that involves any blood spill, body fluids, human discharges, or tissue is many times hazardous.  It is especially dangerous when it involves someone you do not know or unsure of their medical conditions or illnesses.  Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, and MRSA are all blood borne illnesses that are transmitted by direct contact, such as when cleaning up blood or body fluids. When these cleanups involve commercial properties or in the workplace, the ways the cleanups are performed and who can perform these jobs are regulated by OSHA.   OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 mandates minimum standards that must be followed or risk facing thousands of dollars in fines. By using a trained and certified service contractor, such as AAA Scene Cleaners, you protect yourself from unnecessary lawsuits and have the piece of mind knowing the cleanup was handled properly and the bio hazardous waste was properly disposed and not creating environmental hazards on your property.  Protect yourself from Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS, HIV, MRSA and other blood borne diseases by contacting the professionals at AAA Scene Cleaners (817)223-0016.  This call will not only protect you, but protect all those you love and care for. 



OSHA Law 29CFR1910:1030 states no employer can expose an employee to blood or bloodborne pathogens unless they meet OSHA’s minimum requirements:

  • Receive bloodborne pathogen training
  • Have a written exposure control plan
  • Provide at no cost to the employees proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Provide the opportunity to receive the HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) vaccine
  • Have the means to preperly store and dispose of regulated and infectious waste
  • Received followup exposure testing as needed annually
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